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Handgun Training is Necessary in America, Says Ignatius Piazza

Handgun training is only one of the many options that Front Sight Firearms Training Institute offers to its patrons. Front Sight is the nation’s leader in firearms training of all sorts. While their handgun training is world-class and the finest available in America, the rifle training, shotgun training and self defense training is equally impressive and valuable. The founder and director of Front Sight, Dr. Ignatius Piazza is a revolutionary in the gun training field. His idea and drive for Front Sight has resulted in it being the most frequently visited shooting school in America. Annually, Front Sight hosts more students in firearms training than all other shooting schools in America combined.

While Dr. Piazza’s first idea, of creating a shooting school that is made for the average person and which any citizen can easily attend, has been extremely successful, his next idea has as much potential to wild success. Dr. Piazza plans to create the world’s first gun community. It’s not exactly an easy idea to express. What Dr. Piazza wants to do is form a gated residential community based around firing ranges and gun education. Gun training in this gun user’s Mecca will not be necessary, but in order to purchase a 1-acre plot of land, one needs to be a member of the shooting school in the first place, so odds are, all residents will receive the firearms training Front Sight offers.

This promised land for gun users will be the ultimate in firearms training. Handgun training will be available at one of the multitudinous firing ranges, along with shotgun training and rifle training (with a new 1,000-foot range). There will be all sorts of goodies for gun users. A 5-story SWAT tower will be available for indoor simulations and training. A 12,000 square foot gymnasium is in the works for all the self defense training anyone could want.

Front Sight’s plans are sky high, and Dr. Piazza hopes to see everyone there.

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