Rifle Training

Rifle Training at Front Sight Intensifies With New Announcement

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute has, for years, been the name on the lips of everyone and anyone in the firearms training industry. In the few short years that Front Sight has been around, its founder and director, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, has taken Front Sight into the world playing field. Now boasting a higher graduation rate than all other shooting schools in America, Front Sight is reaching for higher goals. The first goal: to be the largest gun training school in America, was reached and blown out of the water. In the twelve years that Front Sight has been in existence, it has surpassed all expectations. Front Sight now delivers firearms training to more students annually than all other shooting schools in America combined.

So now, for his next trick, Dr. Piazza will pull, not a rabbit, but a 550-acre luxury residential community out of his hat. Dr. Piazza plans to move his shooting school, already located near Las Vegas, Nevada, into a gated community he has planned. The gated community will house approximately 150 families, and will be fully equipped with a school, church, grocery store, armory and twenty state-of-the-art firing ranges, for any gun users dreams of handgun training, rifle training or shotgun training.

The luxury gated residential community that Dr. Piazza has in mind will be like Pebble Beach, except that instead of golf courses being the mainstay or anchor of the community, firearms training will be. Dr. Piazza hopes that in getting families intent upon safe, responsible gun use together in one place, he will have both a wonderful community to encircle his shooting school, and the world’s safest community – free of violent crime, thanks to the gun training that will be going on throughout it all.

Dr. Piazza, and many of his future residents, who have already purchased their membership to Front Sight (the only way to secure a lot at Front Sight), feel that if everyone in that town is aware that everyone else owns, carries and is fully trained in firearms, no one would be stupid enough to draw on anyone else. Gun training is the safest way to have safe guns, they say.

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