Firearms Training

Firearms Training at Front Sight is the Best

Firearms training is not something that is very much understood.  Try this sometime: ask someone about firearms, and the person will likely think you’re a nut.  They’ll say something about the only firearms training a person needs is to buy a gun and go to a shooting range.  This misconception: that firearms training is as easy as picking up a gun, is what makes guns so scary in this country.

Firearms training is a science, it’s an art form, it’s a very exact method, the particulars of which cannot be altered.  Front Sight Firearms Training Institute knows this, and as such, delivers a gun training unlike anything else in the world.  Although there are dissenters to gun training, such people are fools and random, carping critics.  These men and women don’t understand that the only thing which makes firearms and firearms training so odd in America is that it is not understood!

Front Sight delivers the finest firearms training in the world.  Their instructors are world-class, the resort which makes up Front Sight is world-class, and its founder and director, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, is a Four Weapons Combat Master, likely the highest classification of firearms training extant.  Dr. Piazza went through years and thousands of hours of firearms training to achieve this nigh-unachievable certification, and through his experience, created the ultimate training for any individual of any expertise.

Firearms training is not a short sequence.  A novice needs to learn to hold, aim, load, clean and maintain their weapon.  An intermediate student needs to learn better firing positions, faster reactions, faster thinking, better methods of aiming and holding.  An expert needs to know everything imaginable about a weapon and his firearms.  This is what Front Sight delivers: firearms training that is modeled for each and every student, at any level.  Any level of training, any experience, Front Sight’s Firearm Training is what you need.

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